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Spending a few days surrounded by nature is very beneficial for health. Some studies have shown that pure, oxygen-rich air provides vitalizing particles that our body absorbs through respiration and skin cells. Thus, it contributes to the relaxation and detoxification of the body.

When we are in the countryside we notice the difference even when walking, because the frantic environment of the city leads us to walk and move in a hurry. However, in the countryside we are walking with total tranquility while enjoying the landscape and breathing deeply. All this makes our mind create a space full of positivism and allow us to relax and forget everything we have left at home.

Not only when we are awake do we notice the advantages of the field, even when we sleep it is beneficial. In general, the countryside is a cooler place, so it is common for you to sleep with the windows open for air to enter. This gives us two advantages: the first is not having to sleep with the air conditioning.

And the second is that in the natural places it is very common the sound of the birds chirping and the movement of the leaves of the trees. These sounds are very stimulating when we sleep and very beneficial for our dreams to be deeper and more positive.

Wherever you are going to spend your vacations, you will surely have chosen well and you will know how to benefit from all the positive aspects that this destination holds for you.

Anikunborda is located in a privileged place located in a quiet neighborhood 3km from ZUGARRAMURDI and 4km from SARA.


Larun is the first significant mountain of the Pyrenees with its more than 900 meters of altitude. From its summit, visitors can contemplate the beautiful landscape offered by both the coast and the Basque mountain.

With its cogwheel train it is the tourist place par excellence of Iparralde.

SARA, located at the foot of the mountain, stands out for its large and well-maintained centenary farmhouses. It is also one of the most attractive villages in Euskal Herria.


Prehistory has a great significance in this, proof of this the caves of SARA, ZUGARRAMURDI and URDAZUBI.

SARA's are known for their MEGALITICO park. The tour through its bowels becomes more enjoyable with a perfect combination of light and sound.

Those of Zugarramurdi or caves of the BRUGES became famous during the time of the Inquisition (17th century).

Stalactites and stalagmites are the protagonists and claim of the URDAZUBI caves.

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